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Why you definitely should engage a Building Inspector

Building a new home is often a once in a lifetime opportunity and could even be the biggest financial investment you make. That's why it surprises me how many people don't think to engage a professional Building Inspector to look over their home during construction and before handover.

This isn't because you shouldn't trust your builder, it is because a new home literally takes hundreds of people to build and we're all human so issues are bound to arise. Here is why I think you definitely should engage a Building Inspector:


It's the biggest purchase of your life - need I say more? Your home is likely to be built without many issues and faults however the peace of mind this provides is priceless.


So many trades and suppliers will pass through your home and work on your home. We are all human and sometimes things are missed or not done in accordance with the code. Even the best of Builders will deliver a home with minor touch ups and your expectations should be adjusted to ensure you understand this.


A professional Building Inspector knows the Building Code back to front. So yes, you can walk around the home before handover and place blue tape on all the things you think should be fixed. But what about things you may not know about within the Code? What if what you think is a defect is actually part of the accepted tolerances? Having a neutral expert weigh in is worth the time and effort.

Ideally, you should hire a Building Inspector who is local to your area and familiar with the area and local Builders. If you can, have them complete an inspection at frame stage, after gyprock and before handover.

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