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3 tips for furnishing your brand new home

If you asked me four years ago how to furnish a brand new home, I would have said no idea but buy lots before you move in.

Over the course of the last 7 years, we have lived in about 8 different properties. Small and large homes, a tiny apartment, a larger apartment, we've lived in them all! But when it came to our forever for now home, I made sure that I wasn't going to make the same mistakes as I have in previous homes.

When it came to furnishing previous homes, I had usually bought too much before we moved in and then had massive spend regret. Pieces of furniture didn't suit the room well - it was either over sized or under sized or the style wasn't right. Countless times did I search on Pinterest how to 'upcycle' or 'renew' these pieces I came to hate. Somehow thinking a coat of paint or bodgy upholster job would save the day. There was that stress that we needed to move in and have furniture - I mean how would we entertain or eat dinner or watch TV. We must have things!

So here are my top 3 tips for furnishing your brand new home:


My favourite way to play our furniture is simply by using PowerPoint and the Snipping Tool. I personally find using the desktop way easier to put this altogether. I create a slide for each room and then screenshot each item I am considering of purchasing for the new home. I also take photos of existing items and paste that in to see how the styles come together. I also get screenshots or photos of the paint colour and flooring as well to see how it all ties in together.

Any 'moodboard' type app would probably allow you to do this as well.

Planning your room this way gives you an idea of the pieces of furniture or styling items you are keen on creating the overall 'theme' for your home. I add in the comment field the brand/store of each item and the cost.


Trust me, I know the feeling of wanting to move in and have everything there. The feeling when the furniture store tells you its a 8 week wait for your lounge but you're moving into the home in only 5 weeks time. Please, don't rush to furnish your home. It's one of the biggest mistakes you could make.

Move into the home with the pieces you already own and only purchase the items you know 100% you will love in your new home. The only pieces I bought brand new for our current home before we moved in were the lounges as they were custom made to fit the space so I knew the sizing was going to work. Oh and also a coffee table. All the other furniture I bought over the course of 6 or so months.

When we moved into our forever for now home, I didn't have a dining table for about 6 months. We had a plastic table and a couple of chairs with a nice table cover. It was fine - and it allowed me to really decide on the dining table and we absolutely love our decision. The upside of not rushing is also seeing how the prices for items you are keen on buying change and potentially go on sale.


These days, we can buy a lot of homewares and furniture online but I still believe nothing beats the real deal. A big win for actually visiting furniture stores is that many of them offer fantastic advice. Go to your local Freedom or Domayne with your floorplan and seek advice from the Sales People on rug sizes, couch sizes, fabric against your flooring etc. You will be surprised how much free styling advice you can get by visiting these stores.

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